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Travel Must Haves When Traveling Anywhere

I’ve partnered with @JohnsonsBaby for this Travel Must Haves post.

The hidden beauty secret you'll wish you always knew.

School is almost over here in the east-coast which only means that it’s time to start thinking about travel, if you haven’t already. We have a few places planned like Splish Splash, Sesame Place, hopefully Philly, and of course months of playing with the beach waves. As much as I love traveling, I can’t stand to pack! I’m packing for myself and two kids, then thinking about what to pack just gets me extremely overwhelmed. The easiest part of traveling are the must-haves that don’t change much with each plane-ride or car-ride away.

The Perfect travel must-have items:

What you need to travel with when you have kids.

1. If you have a baby having Johnson’s baby powder is needed for diaper rashes, but what else may have slipped your mind or maybe you don’t even know it exist, is packing Johnson’s Head-to-Toe Cleansing Cloths!

Johnson’s Baby sells pre-moistened cloths that are thicker and larger than baby wipes, giving your little one the benefits of a bath, without the tub. They’re also paraben- and phthalate-free. Sometimes as parents we don’t have all the time in the world or have a late night so these are great to get the job done quickly. Here’s an added bonus, we can use them too! My boyfriend has been known to use them for a quick wipe down after a short run.

These 3 items will save you BIG on your next trip to the beach!

Did you know there are 3 products that Johnson's Baby has that will kick in a new beauty routine for you?

2. I mentioned packing up Johnson’s baby powder, if you have a baby, but did you know even without a baby they’re great for anything that involves sand or even sweaty pits? Yes!

I love the beach, but when it comes to sand– I can’t stand it. Grab the baby powder and rub it on like lotion, the sand will fall off easily. Seriously! Then use those handy Johnson’s Head-to-Toe Cleansing Cloths to get rid of the white powder. Smaller sizes of Johnson’s Baby Powder are available so they don’t take up too much space.

Another beauty secret– if your armpits are getting a bit too sweaty– dab some baby powder on your finger and add it under your armpit, it’ll absorb the moisture leaving you so fresh and so clean!

What to pack when heading to the beach

3. I’ve been a fan of oil gel since my college years and it’s always nice to have an array of scents like Johnson’s Baby has. It’s a great way to stay moisturized for longer and leave you looking like a glistening beach babe.

You could also dab some on your lips for a natural gloss.

Well aren’t you glad you stopped by to see how useful these travel must-haves were? Will you be packing differently?

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