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Transition Your Summer Maxi Dress to Fall

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Every woman and girl should own a few maxi dresses, they’re absolutely gorgeous, flowey, and Goddess-like no one can ever really look bad in them. It’s not my choice of clothing during Summer since I sweat like a hog, but as soon as those cold fronts start to knock on my door I know it’s the perfect time to wear one. Unfortunately for cute pint-sized ladies like myself finding a maxi dress that won’t drag on the dirty floors of NYC is difficult.

When I saw this blue flowered maxi at Macy’s it whispered my name and when I see an outfit I love that I can’t imagine leaving it behind that it pains my heart, I know it’s a purchase I have to make. Luckily, for me my mother was a seamstress and she was able to take a few inches off the bottom and I was able to look fabulous. Even if you don’t have someone like my mom who’s a seamstress, simply go to your local laundry mat and find out what they can do.

Now, I’m not the only one who loves dresses, my daughter took after me x10 with her obsession for anything girly. As luck would have it we got her this flowered blue dress from Gap so when I put on my dress I knew we had to look like twinsies.

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And when it’s chilly throw on a jean jacket..

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