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Top 6 New Baby Items Worth Investing In

Top 6 New Baby Items Worth Investing In
Baby items worth buying and investing in

I don’t know what I’m more obsessed with– babies or baby gear. I think we all have an interest in gadgets especially in the baby area, if of course you have a one. Every year I trek the whole family over to the New York Baby Show and we had a hoot of a time! It’s truly amazing how innovative some of the items you see is or how simple an idea was that turned into a business. Well here are my top items we both loved and if you want to shop them I’ll link them in as I mention them.

Baby Strollers

reviewing the GB Maris Stroller

When it comes to strollers I get real sucked into the look, feel and mechanicals of it. If you watch my daily life on Youtube you know how obsessed we are with the GB Pockit aka the smallest fold up stroller around. Well, GB is at it again with the GB Maris.

• Fully-reclining forward-sliding seat that is forward and rear-facing
• Seamless frame with aluminum accents on frame, hinge and wheels
• Extended canopy that covers the child completely with peekaboo window
• Flip flop-friendly brake moves downward so shoes aren’t damaged
• Storage basket can be used folded and opened, and accommodates up to 11 lbs
• 5-point safety harness and 1-touch buckle
• Cot and car seat sold separately
• Toddler stroller as well

stroller reviews

Alright now this stroller is pretty neat and probably my favorite, makes-me-want-to-push-out-another-baby favorite. The Evenflo Pivot is of the highest quality and safety you could ever possibly imagine. The carseat has the SafeMax addition is the first rollover-tested car seat offering extended safety.

• Temperature regulating fabric that keeps baby comfortable during hot or cold weather
• Multiple recline positions that includes laying it down turning it into a cot
• Large, 3-panel canopy provides full coverage
• Large, under-seat storage basket
• Toddler stroller as well

Best crib for urban living

bloom mini crib for small spaces

Get ready to get your mind blown with this next product, a mini crib from BLOOM, a crib specifically for urban living spaces. Being from New York and living in an apartment our space is super limited so this is something I could’ve used when I had Gunner. It’s not only compact, but mobile to move around from space to space. Watch my full video review here.

• Use up to 12 months (longer lifespan depends on baby size)
• Fits easily through small and standard doorways
• No tools required easy set up in under 5 minutes
• 2 position adjustable mattress platform for growing baby

Travel/Compact Essentials

great travel items for kids and babies

what to travel with when you have a baby

Now the next product is not specific, it’s an assortment of life-saving products for parents. They have the typical items such as forks, spoons and food storage containers, but their travel and on-the-go products really caught my eye. We’re traveling next month to LA so something like their On-The-Go Travel Bottle Drying Rack will help keep the bottles dried and clean while at the hotel. Their other item which had me in awe was their 2-in-1 potty, yes a potty had me excited! We all know our kids like to hold their urine in until last minute, so this compact potty is a dream. no more rushing to look for a non-existent potty. Take this portable one our place any bag and let them handle their business. comfortable swaddlers for babies

I was never a swaddler, I’ve tried because people rave how great they are and how well babies sleep, but my kids never cared for it. I know some of you love swaddlers so the Embe Babies product is for you. What I liked about this swaddler was that it gives you the option to really coddle up your baby or have him free ball from the waist down. I’m all for keeping babies from scratching up their million dollar faces. Check out this swaddler too- socks for babies with dry skin

Next company is Goumi Kids which I could find use for their “Soft Stay on Booties.” Gunner suffers from eczema and his feet are pretty bad so these could help from him pulling them off and actually allowing the creams to stay on.

First Spoons delivery service for kids

Healthy food choices for your babies

Alright so we all heard about food services for us adults (Blue Apron and Fresh Direct), but what about a food service for our youngsters? First Spoons decided to delve into that situation and get things done. It’s important to improve your child’s eating habits from the very beginning. I’m a strong believer in that and followed through with my kids. That might be why Ziana enjoys eating her broccoli, carrots, spinach, tomatoes, fruits and more.

• Their program is for babies at the critical ages of 4 months to 48 months of age.
• They us fresh food deliciously cooked from scratch, with no additives, sugars, salt, colors or preservatives ever
• Locally sourced food with a homemade taste without all the byproducts and fillers
• They send one package that will last a week and contains three feedings a day

What do you think about these nifty finds? Let me know your thoughts or if I should look into anything down below!

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