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Tips for Teaching Kids Responsibilities

Tips for Teaching Kids Responsibilities

Responsibilities of Toddlers

I often get asked on tips for teaching kids responsibilities and people wonder how my kids are so responsible for their age and wowed with how much they do on their own. I didn’t know it was a big deal, until I spoke to other parents and they told me how much their kids don’t do. My cousin for instance has her 5-year-old son who still doesn’t get dressed by himself or even put his clothes in the hamper. Small chores, but something that should get you thinking.

I was raised spoiled

I was raised very spoiled. My mother did everything for me; I was still being spoon-fed at 6-years-old because I wouldn’t eat on my own, art projects were done by her, didn’t clean up after myself, had my parents dictate what I should do, so on and so on. There was never any responsibilities I had to help mold me into the adult I was going to one day be. It something at that time I felt was great, but as an adult now have suffered plenty. I refused to have my kids raised the way I was bought up. Don’t get me wrong, my mom did those things because she wanted me to succeed, but it wasn’t really succeeding in the long run was it?

Those two monsters, now 5 and 2-years-old,  that ripped out of me are the ones I live for and as much as I want to be there for every cry and failure, I know I need to let them learn on their own. Ziana has had responsibilities starting at 18-months, when she started walking. The younger the better, get them into a routine and live like it’s the norm.

Tips for raising great kids

List of chores and responsibilities:

1- The first thing she was in charge of was putting her clothes in the hamper. (18  months)

2- From there it was helping me put clothes in the washer and dryer. (@ 18 months)

3- Get her shoes out for when we leave (2 years old)– Thus moving on to putting socks on

4- Putting on her own clothes (4 years old)

5- Clean up her toys every day after she’s done playing sometimes with assistance. This needs to be done as young as possible.

6- We let the kids help us in the kitchen when making food.

Peel potatoes (Ziana) , cut potatoes (Ziana) , whisk the eggs or pancake batter (both), cook the eggs on the stove (both), make her own taco– whatever we think they can handle we let them handle.

7- Vacuum and broom, which they actually enjoy. Although Ziana has realized that using the vacuum is much better.

8- They both make their bed; putting their stuff animals on one side and Ziana folds her PJs to place under her pillow.

9- I may be late on this, but Ziana just started showering on her own (5 years old)

10- Filling up their own water bottles. Of course, Ziana has to help Gunner

11- Ziana has started washing her own water bottle

12- Brushing their own teeth, although I always go in after to do some double scrubbing

13- The kids put their empty cups or plates in the sink. They’re not washing, but it’s a good start!

14- When it’s not busy Ziana helps me ring up items at the store and bag them

Those are some of our big chores we have them do. We add more along the way, and so should you. Don’t think that they’re too young, or won’t understand. No one gets anything right off the bat, it takes time, patience and repetition. And in no way am I insinuating that I’m perfect, heck my kid is turning 6 in June and I have yet to teach her how to tie her shoes or ride a two-wheel bike!

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