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Things to do While Visiting Niagara Falls

*The “Things to do While Visiting Niagara Falls” post was sponsored by Clifton Hill*

Looking for things to do in Niagara Falls? Here are five fun lesser-known attractions in Niagara Falls, Canada.

Did you ever visit Niagara Falls? Well, apparently I did as a kid, but have absolutely no recollection of it– so, I’m going to consider this my first time visiting. We’ve planned to visit since last year when I read about a race track, Speedway, at Clifton Hill, they were bringing the Mario Kart game to life! I love, go-karts and knew this was going to be our BIG trip for 2018.

Yes, I initially wanted to go for the go-karts, but did so much more obviously, because going for just car racing is pretty silly (ahem).

Things to do in Niagara Falls in Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall.


Go-kart Racing at Speedway

The 2000 feet long race is North America’s largest raised Go-Kart track facility and the first of its kind in Canada! Run your go-kart through a four-story helical spiral followed by a two tiered coaster style ramp that runs into another spiral. It felt great riding up and then coming down small hills overseeing Clifton Hill. A quick side-note they never compared themselves to Mario Kart, but will accept it! You’re going to be visiting soon, huh?


Clifton Hill Fun Pass is a must when visiting!

Moving on… enough with the wonderful world of Speedway! Clifton Hill has much more to offer. There’s other attractions, a variety of restaurants, entertainment and more! They have a “Clifton Hill Fun Pass,” to make things more convenient for you:

1- Niagara Skywheel x2 – BONUS SPIN INCLUDED!
Here you’ll ride high to see all of Clifton Hill and spectacular aerial views for miles in every direction like Niagara Falls and the American Falls!

2- Zombie Attack!
A new 6D stimulation ride featuring zombies! The seats shake, you’ve got a gun and you go head to head with the other 35 players to see who shoots the most zombies. Super fun and has plenty of startling moments that had me yelling TONS!

3- Wild West Coaster 6D Theatre Ride
This ride is another stimulation ride located in the Great Canadian Midway Arcade. More kid-friendly with the same moving chair concept, no guns and yes, startling moments.

4- Movieland Wax Museum
Who doesn’t love wax museums! Whether they look just like the famous person or they look nothing like them it’s always fun to walk around and make fun of them.

5- Dinosaur Golf or Wizard’s Golf
Dinosaur Golf is outdoors and features humongous dinosaurs throughout the golf course. The golf course features two 18-hole courses: “Raptor” and “T-Rex” (A Total of 36 Holes)– you’ll get to pick where you head. They’ve really put a lot of effort throughout the course from sound effects to decor.

Since we went with the Dinosaur Golf, we didn’t do the Wizard’s golf course, but that course is indoors with black light fun.

6- Ghost Blasters
This is also located inside the Great Canadian Midway. Another semi-kid-friendly ride depending on your child. Ride through the black-light fun and shoot the ghoulish ghosts with the laser gun that is provided.

All of that for $29.95 (adults) and $19.95 (kids). That’s an amazing deal, and if you want more fun you could go see more of the attractions located around Clifton Hill.

Something separate from their Fun Pass is Ripley’s. I was always a fan of the Ripley’s Believe it or Not show, so when I seen that there was one in Niagara I figure it was the perfect time to go with my parents. Who deosn’t love the weird and bizarre? Not going to spoil it for you, but I do give a sneak-peek on the vlog.

Planning on visiting Niagara Falls at some point in your life? Be sure to do this these things while you're there.

Where to eat at Clifton Hill

We are a pizza family and made our way to Boston Pizza. Not mamas pizza recipes. Twists on pizza ideas like no other; baked potato pizza, [Spicy Perogy, Skinny Carnivore, Bacon Double Cheeseburger, Vegetarian]. It’s a bar atmosphere even throughout the menu, but is verifiable kid friendly. Both adults and kids would thoroughly enjoy this place. Especially since it’s adjoining to the midway and bowling alley. The kids can chase tickets while dad watches the game and STILL have a clear eye on his kids whereabouts. Don’t worry moms; there’s delicious cocktails to enjoy!

Another great spot to sit down and throw down is Kelsey’s. An absolute Roadhouse. Beef is what’s for dinner (but they have chicken, seafood and vegetarian options). You’re not going to rush here if your counting calories. You’ve came here because you’re on vacation and you’re looking for a little excitement and BOOOOMING FLAVORS! It was like taking a step into a Texas dining with their super welcoming and friendly decor. And large portions. They serve your cocktails in a monstrous mason jar! How does dining indoors feel so outside? Live music and friendly staff…you could easily hang out longer than dinner for sure, especially on a weekend.

Now, if you enjoy ice-cream I need you to make your way to Sweet Jesus! It’s a unique frozen treats ice cream spot that will make you freak. Bursting flavor combinations electrify the menu. I’m upset, no, angry that they don’t have a location in New York.

Top things to do while visiting Niagara Falls

What else to do at Niagara?

Besides seeing all the fun at Clifton Hill, I’m sure one of the main reason you go to Niagara is to see the falls. Again, I partnered up with Niagara Parks to see some of what they offer when visiting Niagara Falls. At first I had looked at Over The Falls for those famous boat rides that come close to Niagara Falls, which would’ve been THE WORSE mistake ever; super over priced and you get nothing compared to the package deal Niagara Parks offers.

Two adults, 1 child and 1 lap child;
Over The Falls Canadian Tour = $274
Over The Falls American Tour = $251
Over The Falls Combo Tour = $409

Now compare that with Niagara Parks and it’s another robbery!

Two adults, 1 child and 1 lap child for the Hornblower Cruise
$25.95 (13 y/o and older), $15.95 (5 y/o – 12) = $67.85

Insane difference right? Now you can just ride the Hornblower and call it a day or get a 1 of the 3 packages Niagara Parks offers like…

Niagara Parks Classic Tour (2 adults/2 children) = $195.49 ($65/adult, $43/ 6-12 years old)
With the classic tour you not only get the Hornblower Cruise, but you also get…

2- “Journey Behind The Falls,” which gets you below and behind the furious falls. We had such a fun time going through the tunnels and literally getting behind the falls, which were warm– go figure!

3- “Niagara’s Fury” takes you on a 4D ride of Niagara Falls.

4- “White Water Walk”, allows you to walk along Niagara River’s Class 6 white-water rapids. It’s self guided, includes tons of factual information throughout your walk and has some awesome spots to take photos and video. There are also stairs to two observation decks which provide a close up look at one of the world’s fastest stretches of white water.

5- WEGO which is a bus traveling system to take you to and from all the different tours and hotels, also it’s a pass for two days!

They also add in $100 in coupons, which you may like when you go splurging at all the shops.

Niagara Parks also offers bunch of other fun activities you can get in other packages or buy separately; Zipline To The Falls, Whirlpool Aero Car, Whirlpool Adventure Course and Butterfly Conservatory.

The Niagara Falls Butterfly Conservatory is a wonderful attraction for families visiting the Niagara Falls area.

The last adventure we had been at was the Butterfly Conservatory and it’s always breathtaking. We’ve gone to other butterfly conservatory’s and always enjoy them, however, my parents have never gone to one so I figured this might be just the perfect thing for them. My mom was in awe, she’s a butterfly enthusiast. I’m so happy I got to share this experience with her and it’s definitely a memory I will cherish forever. Watch more on the the vlog from that day.

Traveling to Niagara Falls

We left New York (Long Island) at 6:15AM and arrived at about 1:30PM. We spent the first day (Friday) getting lunch/dinner, walked around Clifton Hill, did some bowling and then hung out at our hotel Howard Johnson and enjoyed the amazing pool area; indoor and outdoor area with a hot tub and… slide! The next day we ended up doing everything at Clifton Hill which filled up the day nicely. Our last full day (Sunday) doing all the Niagara Falls fun thanks to Niagara Parks. My suggestion, two full days and a half is great to do all we did. Sure, there’s more to do, so plan accordingly and pack up all the jackets you can– it gets cold!

Then lastly enjoy Niagara Falls at night when visiting! At 9:30PM walk down and see fireworks and the falls turn colors! The fireworks run from Friday to Sunday until Oct 8th. Then there is an international fireworks competition in November. It’ll start up again on weekends in December. For summer amigos who want to visit– they’re available 7 days a week! Read more

Will you be visiting soon?

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