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Things to do in Tulum Mexico

After a blissful five day in Tulum Mexico (without any kids may I add), I’m back! I ended up going for my best friend’s Bachelorette party and I’m so glad I decided to go. It was something special for her, but also a nice mental break from #momlife.

Tulum is a secluded paradise full of hidden jewels. I was surprised at how beautiful everything was and also very surprised that it wasn’t crowded with tourists. I wouldn’t recommend going in August like we did– super pricey flights and the scorching hot sun didn’t help!

Now, before we get started let me just say everything we did was thanks to our OCD-detailed-oriented friend Daniela (if you check out her website you’ll see what I mean). Daniela put together a whole PDF file of places to eat, and things to experience and the nightlife. It was all filled with bright colors and photos! Insane, but super helpful because no one else had to do any work! WINNING!

If you’re more of a visual person check out my 3 video vlogs from our trip here or down below after this post!

Where did we stay?

We could’ve stayed at any hotel, but that would cost a pretty penny and you know my penny-pitching-self loves money, so I like to save! The other bestie in my life hooked us up by finding a nice little nook on AirBNB. You can’t beat $105/night for 5 days, then divide that between 5 of us– a pretty fantastic deal!

Mode of Transportation

Sure, just like anywhere else there are taxis and buses, but we decided we wanted a car since we would be going back and forth to places. I recommend not booking in advance because we did that and when we arrived they no longer had a car for us. Apparently, whoever is there right there and then to rent the car regardless if you booked it will get priority. Just rent from the airport and you’ll be good to go. We ended up paying $260 divided by 5 of us which came out to $52 a person. Besides filling up the gas twice and paying for parking it wasn’t too bad.

Affordable Places to Eat

Let’s start with food! Nom, Nom, Nom. Now, I’m someone who is not only visual, but also someone who likes to read reviews from places like Yelp and Trip Advisor and if you are too, I’ve got you covered! Just click on the name of each restaurant and you’ll be directed to reviews from other folks, thanks to Trip Advisor.

1- Antojitos La Chiapaneca

  • Cash Only
  • Price Range: @10-20 pesos = @$.50- $1
  • 4.5 Stars, Hole in the wall
  • Opens 9am-1am

2 El Tacoqueto

  •  Cash only
  • Price Range: $ (no specifics)
  • 4.4 Stars, Hole in the wall
  • Open 8am-9pm

3- Burrito Amor (we ate here and yummy)

  • Price Range: @45-180 pesos = @$3-$10

4- Farm to Table (we ate here and YUM!)

  • Cash-only
  • Open from 8am-10:30pm
  • Great for brunch or late-night snack
  • Price range: @80-280 pesos = $4-15

5– La Popular @ Nomade

  • Accepts credit card
  • Vegan options available
  • Sister Vegan Restaurant next door MACONDO

6- Raw Love

7– Mur Mur Tulum

  • Accepts credit cards
  • Reviews say service is hit or miss
  • Open 5pm-12am
  • Price Range: @150-300 pesos = @$8-15

8- Posada Magherita (ate here too and pizza is pizza, but spectacular views!) By far my favorite place to walk through!

  • Cash only
  • Open 7am-11:30am & 12pm-10pm
  • Prices not listed; $$ – $$$

Places to See

1- Casa Malca (the place is all that!)

  • Hotel once owned by Pablo Escobar
  • Purchase of 1 drink for photos (@150+ pesos = @$8)

2- Dos Ojos Cenote

  • $23.15 admission ticket
  • Small lockers + amenities are extra

3- Yal Ku Lagoon

  • Snorkel with sea turtles (FREE or pay for guided tour)
  • Recommend to arrive early morning, before 9am, to avoid crowds
  • Snorkel gear is @$10-$15
  • I would recommend trying a guide since we were unsuccessful alone. Also, park in the parking lot to the right as soon as you get in! They’re local folks and charge cheaper than the ones you’ll park at which are close to where you’ll enter.

4- Tulum Ruins

  • Open 8am-5pm
  • Tickets: @40 pesos = @$2


1- Batey Mojito and Guarapo Bar

  • Cash only
  • 4.6 Stars; flamenco dancers on Sat.
  • Price Range: $$ (no specifics)
  • Open 8am-2am

2- Pasito Tun Tun

  • Cocktail bar
  • 4.4 Stars; live acts
  • Price Range: $$ (no specifics)
  • Open 9am-6pm & 7pm-2am

3- Papaya Playa Project

  • Famous for monthly Full Moon parties, Saturday night
  • Price Range: $$-$$$ (no specifics)

4- La Malquerida (my favorite spot!)

  • Cocktail bar/food
  • $4-$13
  • Credit Cards accepted
  • Very good music and get super busy

How many days should you stay in Tulum?

It all depends on how much time and, of course, money you have, but I think a minimum of 5 days that we were there was perfect! You’re able to experience a variety of cenotes, ruins, different food, and have some downtime to relax at the beach! Yes, there is a lot of seaweed…

Is there a lot of tourists?

When we went we didn’t see a flood of people, which is shocking! Although it’s very touristy it still maintains that small town feel unlike other places in Mexico like Cancun or Playa del Carmen. No waiting for tables and spacious areas at the beach. But, many predict this will soon change, so I would recommend getting there sooner rather than later!

Best Time to Visit?

I would not, WOULD NOT, recommend going when we did in August. Super hot and sticky. If you watch my Youtube videos you’ll see me in all my sweaty glory! And the only reason we went was because my friend was getting married in October so we had to get this over with now.

I did some researching and found that; The three-month stretch from October to December is the best time to visit, when hurricane season is over and the weather is warm but not oppressively hot. However, even though October is a the perfect time to go several shops and bars close for several weeks during the low season. Travel and Leisure

Well, hope you enjoyed this post and I was able to help in any way I can. I appreciate the love and now enjoy my video vlogs of our trip!

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