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The Truth About Head Lice

*This post is a collaboration with Licefreee and #WeAllGrow Latina Network. All opinions on head lice and Licefreee are my own*

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We’re here again yet another school year having to potentially deal with head lice. Now I touched on head lice last year when there was an incident in Ziana’s class, but I never discussed the truths and myths of lice. First and foremost, it can happen to anyone. They don’t discriminate!

7 Facts:

– The eggs aka nits, are attached to the hair shaft like glue! Doesn’t seem like it since they walk around freely, but there you go fact in yo face!
– Lice likes to eat every 3-6 hours thus causing your itchy scalp
– If they escape from the hair shaft their longevity of life is 2 weeks. TWO WEEKS!
– Lice runs quickly trying to hide when being checked and if light is lit on them
– Lice won’t jump, fly or skip on to someone else’s head
– Pets don’t care head lice
– They aren’t a health hazard

I explained that head lice won’t jump around from head to head, so fret not, if your child has it, it doesn’t mean all family members will be infested. That is unless you share combs, hair clips, hats, pillows, coats etc. Proper clean up is important, especially if you don’t want the infestation to spread.

What’s the best product for head lice?

Alright, now to the good stuff– how do you get rid of those pesky, nasty, creepy crawlers out? You need to choose a safe and effective head lice treatment, also called pediculicide or pediculosis remedy like Licefreee. Licefreee was created by parents, for parents. After dealing with a case of head lice with her own children, a member of their team developed Licefreee– a safe alternative to traditional chemical pesticide remedies for lice. Oh, and it works great on adults too!

The whole process is 3-easy steps with Licefreee:
1. Soak the hair with the spray
2. Let it dry
3. Comb out

You’re welcome and let me know how it goes!

head lice and nits

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