‘The Real’ Talk Show


Can we all get ‘Real’ right now? I’ve discovered the best talk-show to watch every afternoon, whether it be live on your TV set or on DVR, trust you will enjoy it as much as me.

I’m not a huge channel Fox viewer, but for some reason I stumbled upon five ladies gossiping about life on their première (which I didn’t know beforehand). The show is called ‘The Real.”

It consists of five diverse lovely women whom you all may know–


Tamar Braxton, who if you watch Braxton Family Values and Tamar & Vince you’ll know who I’m talking about. She’s so much more than just Toni Braxton’s sister. Tamar was a hidden star the whole time who can’t only belt out a tune or two, but you just love to love her outspokenness on everything whether you like it– or not! Many may not like her, but those who can familiarize yourself with her bluntness (like me) will adore her.


Jeannie Mai who is the ultimate fashionista and Style network lets us know this by having her host a couple awesome shows. This cute little Asian chick has a big mouth, is quick-witted and is the sweetest! You won’t want to tune her out or take your eyes off her 🙂 Also because she actual tweets back! Hence, she only tweeted me back once, but that’s all it takes for me to be YOUR fan.


Adrienne Bailon, you may know her as the Cheetah girl, or singer from 3LW or from dating lame-o Rob Kardashian, but however you know her you know she’s the typical feisty Latina and there’s nothing wrong with that! I’ve admired her since the 9th grade especially when I always got the “you know you look like that 3L-dub girl,” haha. FLATTERED! Did I mention I got to meet her a couple years back?


Tamera Mowry-Housley aka Tamera Housely, haha. You know, the twins we grew up with– us 90’s baby at least! I was honestly SHOCKED to see Tamera on this kind of show that spoke very bluntly on topics. Why? Well I call her my little mouse, she’s too sweet, too innocent and too quiet. Nothing wrong with that, it’s just I didn’t see her talking about sex and all that juicy stuff. BUT she proved us wrong, although not raunchy and nasty (how I like it) she does put in her two cents and it’s great! Last week she finally joined ‘the bad girls club.’


Lastly, Loni Love– I don’t know who the hell she is, haha. But I’m enjoying getting to know her very well. Loni is open, honest, oh and hilarious. I like to think of her as the glue that makes all the five ladies work in harmony.

I basically gave you little bios on the gals. With all that talent why not give it a chance? They have girl talk (personal experiences, relationships, love, sex, new-mommy life), advice, gab bag time (where they give away top of the line purses with awesome junk in it), celebrity guests, tap-out (trends that are NOT cool anymore), beauty tips, fashion tips and MORE.

It’s a mix for everyone watching whether your single, married, or a new mom (like me), you can relate to all of them and that’s what makes you love it THAT much more.



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    Aug 6, 2013 at 9:14 am

    Ur view of them is ur’s……

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