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The New Johnson’s Baby Products

The following Choose Gentle campaign post is sponsored by JOHNSON’S®

What's new and going at with Johnson & Johnson? Johnson's Baby

JOHNSON’S® has been around for years and its usually parents first choice of trusted gentlest baby brands and it has continuously been changing through the years, for the better. Being a brand ambassador for JOHNSON’S® for the past three years has been something I’ve been very proud of because they’re always raising the bar when it comes to what’s best for your baby. They’ve continued to listen to parents to improve their products and now they’re completely new and better than ever!

First, let’s get into their new mission…

Choose Gentle

They’ve taken their brand’s mission of being gentle and have incorporated it to every stage of our babies’ lives. The all-new JOHNSON’S® has a new standard of gentle and it’s guided by these five promises, one promise for each finger of your baby’s hand:
1. Only use purposeful ingredients
2. Never stop raising the bar
3. Be open and honest
4. Think like a parent first
5. Help make the world a gentler place

Which promise do I resonate with?

With everything that’s going on in today’s world, I resonate with their promise of helping to make the world a gentler place. JOHNSON’S® made their products gentler inside and out, we as parents want that too, but I think we can agree that we also want people to be gentle with one another and lend a helping hand to others. Something we are very serious on not only teaching, but showing to our children is to be pay it forward– being kind to others no matter who it is. We are always trying to help those in need by doing things such as buying a meal or giving something we have on hand to give someone else, donating a few bucks here and there, giving Christmas gifts to a couple of children and so on. Johnsons & Johnson is doing the same by working side by side with Save the Children throughout the world, building the resiliency of children through innovative approaches to health and development.

As a family, we also try to help reduce greenhouse gases and have a less harmful impact on the environment by recycling, not being wasteful with water, unplugging household items when not in use and even trying to buy items that are less harmful to the environment. JOHNSON’S® is expected to reduce their greenhouse gas emission and energy costs by up to 20%, ensuring they have a smaller footprint on the environment, making our world a gentler place!

Is there a lesson that a loved one instilled in you that you are now teaching your children? What is it and how has it changed your world and the world around you?

Which of the five promises is your favorite?

What else is new at JOHNSON’S®?

The first thing you’ll notice is their actual bottle design. One thing I use to struggle with while washing or moisturizing Gunner was him always trying to escape– I’d have to take both hands off of him to squirt the product in my hand and chase after him. Well, they redesigned the bottles and added pumps for our convenience! One-hand use to make bath time or moisturizing easier and allow your attention to remain focused on baby is a win for me!

The next thing you’ll notice–washes with a creamier lather, shampoos that rinse quickly and light, fast-absorbing lotions. All around gentle, which has been their mission for close to 125 years.

Lastly, my favorite part out of the three– besides redesigning all of their washes, lotions and haircare products, JOHNSON’S® reduced the number of ingredients in their portfolio by more than 50%, including removing sulfates and dyes. Already sounding good, right? Now JOHNSON’S® Baby products have been free from parabens and phthalates since 2015, but now 96% of the ingredients in their leading products are naturally-derived. Keeping every stage gentle as we want our children and the world to be.

What do you think about the new changes?

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