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The Metallic Trend

If you didn’t get the hint last night while watching the Grammys of what the new trend was for the ending days of winter 2014– well I’m here to give it to you all!

Metallics were all over the red carpet last night. No one really likes winter, but if winter means walking into a room and being the show stopper of the event then I’m all for it!

The winner of the metallic gowns was–


Taylor Swift didn’t just beat out everyone, but she wore it right. A gorgeous metallic gown with metallized yarn on top that no one else had and some metallic eye shadow to give it the complete dazzle look.


And although most of the ladies who rocked out in metallic gowns wore gold and silver don’t opt out on color metallics! Or purses, necklaces, bracelets, coats or shoes with metallic.

The shiny textures and iridescent fabrics will make your gloomy day a sunny day singing the Sesame Street anthem 🙂




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