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The Lady in Pink

uniqlo light weight vest

Please, don’t dare refer to me as a lady, I just did it for this post mocking “Lady in Red.” It fit, I went with it. Lately, I have been crushing hard on the color pink and it strangely didn’t start with the birth of Ziana Eliz. It definitely got all girly and pinkish in the household, but it wasn’t until she got into barbies last year that I was getting a glimpse of my childhood again and slowly getting sucked into that whole realm vest linked below-.

I see pink, I buy– usually. There are limits. I’ve been dying to wear all pink, but baby steps. I recently my eyes on this pink vest at Uniqlo and of course, loved it! I figured it be the perfect addition to the NYC weather, where it’s nice out, but not nice enough to wear just a long sleeve and not cold enough for a trench. The ultra light down vest is super thin, lightweight and warm.

Now for these amazing pink Nike’s Tanjun’s– again I was drawn in by the pink and their casual sleek look. I also really liked the mesh on the outside since it means that your feet will definitely be able to breathe. No question these babies were going to be added to my all pink outfit!

Enjoy and let me know what you’re currently obsessing over.

all pink lady outfit

Uniqlo seriously has some hidden gems

Pink nike tanjun sneakers
how to style pink sneakers

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