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The Good and Bad About Boogers + Nasal Aspirator

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Oh the joys of having a kid– middle of the night wake-up calls, dirty diapers, feeding on demand, picking noses and I mean we’d be here all day if I listed it all so we won’t. No one likes when someone is touching their nose, especially when it’s someone else’s finger going up in there. Gunner knows when I get that tissue it means business and before I even go for his nose he’s already freaking out, twisting and yelling. Even using nose syringes are something he’s not fond of– although they work great they also take time, time a baby apparently doesn’t have.

Some ways to clean your baby’s nose; buy saline nasal spray, bulb syringe, steam up the bathroom, run a cool air humidifier, raise the crib mattress– all work fine in the long run, but none are instant and you’ll continue with a cranky baby. I may have found a better resolution…

I was given the opportunity to collaborate with the folks over at Baby Health Care. They’ve come out with a nasal aspirator to help bring the professional medical product to your home and making it easier to get those boogies out. You could adjust the level of power desired according to the amount of mucus present. The design is sleek and can easily fit into your home decor– which is important to someone like me. Also, it’s small enough to not take up much space in your home. Cleaning the product is easy as all parts are removable and washable.

Now I’m not saying to use the nasal aspirator all day or when you just want to simply blow your child’s nose, but it’s important to get those hard-sticky boogers out. As you may or may not know– yes boogers are gross, but they’re important to have in your nose- it keeps your nose and throat moist helping in humidification of air we breathe through the nose. When you get too much mucus it builds up in your sinuses and clogs things up causing a cold. Use that” target=”_blank”>nasal aspirator!

Do you see your boogers differently now?

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    Jan 6, 2017 at 3:52 pm

    This sounds amazing! Need to get one for Lexi for sure.


    • Reply
      Jan 24, 2017 at 10:13 am

      Helps out a lot!

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