The Christmas Stress


I just realized that Christmas is 13 days away! I use to be the type who wasn’t into Christmas, hated Christmas music and just hated anything involving good old Saint Nick. This year I’m all into in– minus going broke. The other morning I opened up Spotify and put on some Christmas music and sang. Nope, I didn’t sing the right lyrics just sang my rendition to Ziana and she loved it 🙂

I wasn’t the only person who never liked Christmas there are millions of people who don’t like the sight or sound of anything Christmas-y. My main reason for never having liked it was because I always spent so much money on people buying gifts. It was as if I worked to buy Christmas presents– not really, but you get my drift. I think that’s why people feel such an overwhelming burden when Christmas comes rushing to us during NOVEMBER. Society has screwed our heads up once again, they make us feel that the more money or things we buy the better of a Christmas we will have. Obviously, it’s not true– well to some people it isn’t.


Then the next problem is what to get everyone. You start asking yourself a million and one questions or talking to yourself; What don’t they have? What size are they? Would they like this? Why is she so tall? I wonder if they’ll even get me something. Why is this so expensive!? I don’t even like him. Why did I wait last-minute? Why is the mall so packed! After dozens of question and being close to psychotic you just get furious and say “F it! I’m done!” The stress just keeps building.

We need to get back to simpler times when heart-felt presents were enough. My ideal Christmas would be at my mother’s house and everyone enjoying a good dinner, board games, chatting away and exchanging gifts that have meaning behind it like ornaments someone made. Heck I’d be happy with just my stocking filled. As much as I tell my parents I don’t want anything they disregard my wishes and buy me tons of necessary “crap” I wanted. How dare them! Haha.

I don’t want Ziana growing up thinking that she’s going to get 5 presents from each person and that Christmas equals presents. After this Christmas I will be very strict on what people get her and will want her to donate one toy every year. Ziana needs to learn to appreciate what she gets little or big, something or nothing. Society will not be messing up my kid– hopefully.

How do you celebrate?


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