The Boob Struggle is Real


When you have big boobs it can be a gift or a curse. For me, it was a curse! I mean I was the only big-chested girl in 4th grade how would you feel? Due to being “abnormal” I was made fun of. I hated running because they would jiggle and I got looks (sigh). The struggle is real!

Not until I got into high-school were they appreciated and envied, haha. Even then I was self-conscious because growing up I was always some kind of side-show freak, so getting use to them was a little hard.

After many years they did come in handy! I’m not sure if it was my charm (batting eyes) or my rack that got me out of situations and got me the special treatment, but I’m pretty sure it was my two gal pals. Besides that they especially came in handy when I went out to a club and didn’t feel like carrying a purse and needed to put my things somewhere!


So here are how my boobs have come in handy throughout my life:
1. Getting me out of tickets
2. Getting me free drinks
3. Extra storage to keep things like my lipstick, phone and ID
4. They’re a great a conversation piece
5. Comfortable pillows
6. Fun bags
7. They’re milk makers
8. Used as protection

I listed a few things, but don’t get me wrong I don’t always enjoy them. Imagine them getting bigger while pregnant and even after birth they just continue to fill up. The struggle continues!

You know how you want what you can’t have? Well I would love to be smaller so I could fit into clothes better! Every outfit we have we need to wear a bra and many outfits have a “no bra rule,” so purchasing that item is out of the question. Because lets face it designers don’t build their clothing around us. That doesn’t include the millions of fake breasted women out there with their weird perky size C-D-E-F and so on breasts. They just don’t compare to a realwoman’s breasts. Also just a quick announcement, we don’t want to look like porn stars, that’s just how our clothes fit, haha. I love form fitting clothing and my baggy days are over unless the style comes back in– one day 🙂

Here are some more funny yet true cartoons I found on our “struggle.” Enjoy!







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