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Why I Love and Hate Loafers: Aldo Shoes

Why I Love and Hate Loafers: Aldo Shoes

best spring loafers from Aldo Shoes 2017

We are in a world surrounded by beautiful pieces of clothing, handbags and shoes. I seriously out of nowhere became addicted to all three within the past two years. There’s trends or pieces I fall in love with, but just don’t see me wearing it because with anything that you aren’t use to wearing seems weird. The whole boho look is my favorite! But yet, I would never dare slip my arms in a shift dress and think I look hot, while my boobs hide my tiny figure making me look like an Oompa Loompa.

Why I hated sneakers

Another style I strayed away from was sneakers. Yes, sneakers. I wore them my whole life up until I graduated high-school and then saw myself looking like a teenager because sneakers made me look young. I was in college now, I wanted to look semi-grown, look like I had my shit together (side-eye). I now wear them and oh wow I look hot! Thanks to my Boytoy who got me obsessed with sneakers again and now I literally I have to keep the credit-card at home so I won’t buy. That’s until I get home and then the next step will be cutting the credit cards!

The best pair of loafers

Alright, so back to the title of this here blog post- loafers! Then there were loafers. I can’t stand, but love those pretty little things walking away from my life every time I spot a great pair. They are so not me, but then I came across an unbelievable pair from Aldo’s and clicked on the “add to cart” button then quickly moved on to “proceed to check out” and then well- you know the rest!

These baby’s have a patent leather with a splash of suede in the back, they’re pointy toe, and slip-on with ease. What caught my eye with these were that the block heel had a slither of silver in the middle of the heel. It was a great feature– something that stands out for sure. I put them on and it was like a long-lost lover came to me and made me feel AMAZING! Because of the suede I can’t wear it in the rain, unless I spray the water resistant stuff which I have yet to own! Priorities are all out of whack, I know.


There’s a BIG issue…

The issue with loafers

I feel completely weird in them. I now have three pairs of loafers and have never worn any of them. I don’t think I have the right jeans– but I really do. I look like I’m trying to hard– but I’m really not. What do I do? Do I dare myself into wearing them and feel like loafers were something I was born to wear? That’s the only choice I have because if you know me, you know I hate wasting money. If I don’t wear there then I’ve wasted $65 and that’s not okay.

By the way, Aldo no longer carries the one I got, but they have these “Abbatha” that are similar and come in different colors.

Make sure to follow along on my Instagram account where I’ll be putting a look together in the next two weeks– give me two weeks at least! Haha.

spring 2017 loafers

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