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The Best Jeans I Ever Owned

Having a good pair of jeans is  essential for your wardrobe. You'll see the difference with American Eagle.

I love jeans no matter the season, if I had normal sweat glands I’d even wear them in the scorching hot sun. It’s my go-to outfit when preparing to go out and about. And it literally took me years to find jeans that not only looked good, fit great, felt great, but that were also semi-affordable. I owned a whole bunch of jeans, but none fit me correctly– I always had the excuse that they didn’t because I was a shorty. Also, I’ll admit I never wanted to spend much on jeans– $30 max!


I know.

Last year, when I started to get more into fashion and style I opened my eyes to new places. I use to never give new places a shot. I was so close-minded about it mostly because I didn’t know what to buy and because I sometimes suffer from change. Changing things up even in your wardrobe can be life-threatening. I remember when I first walked into American Eagle I was taken aback by the beautiful pieces, and steep prices. The penny-pincher in me wanted to walk away, but I didn’t.

I put on my first pair of jeans and lord, no, more like— LAWWWWWWD!!! I found the best jeans ever! Not only did they have petite sizing, but the cut was just how I liked it (jegging style). Let’s also mention that my ass, butt, derriere looked absolutely magnificent in them! I swear it’s like my butt got bigger when I put them on.

After the first pair and losing more of the baby weight it was something like a ritual– every couple months I had to get a new pair or two to add to the collection. And if you’re someone who owns just a handful of jeans because you don’t see a necessity to buy all these blue washes of jeans, you are WRONG. Light-wash blue jeans for the most part look great with light color tops and dark color tops, but sometimes a dark-wash doesn’t look great with a dark top. You need the basic color jeans; black, light wash denim and dark was denim. From there you move on to different cuts, different styles (high rise, skinny, boot etc). They seriously add dimension to any outfit.

Now, the cost can range for a pair of American Eagle jeans. Depending on the style and if there’s a sale you’re good– $40 to $60. Yeah, $60, but sometimes you really need to invest more in good stuff than cheap, because cheap sometimes doesn’t have longevity. AE’s jeans are super stretchy, soft, comfortable and durable. Trust me just buy one pair!

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