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The 3 Best Parks in Queens

best parks in nyc

As a mother one of the things you kind of start becoming great at is finding pretty cool places to travel with your kids, one of them is parks. I always figured Manhattan or Central Park had the best places to hand out at, run around in and unique jungle gyms that I just got use to taking my daughter to the most dullest park around the block. That was until I started to open up my horizons and visit parks that were a bit out of the comfort of my own block.

With so many of you asking where these parks were from watching our vlog channeland seeing some bits and pieces on my Instagram I decided to share my hidden gems with you.

Francis Lewis Parks

This park was one of our favorites from last year- with a great and open park for the kids there’s no way for them to get bored. There’s a functioning gate around the park so those little monsters can’t escape. Swings for both toddler and babies. A small jungle gym for our learning to climb and walking babies. There’s a bigger area for the older kids to jump around, jump off, rock climb to take over. Francis Lewis also has a neat sprinkler system that falls in all directions where kids can run and get soaked in. If you decide to play ball, run around, or have a picnic all while having an amazing view of the bridge– just go to grassy area right next door and enjoy!

francis lewis playground

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francis lewis park queens

francis lewis queens park

Joseph E. Devoy

101-98 Union Tpke, Forest Hills, NY 11375
Visual of the park check out the vlog here.
After renovation last year we were finally able to visit this park and instantly fell in love! I love when a park has grass and sitting areas all around with shady areas that are all secured within a fenced area. Unlike Francis Lewis parents can sit on the grass enjoy some peace as their kids run around without worrying about the kids leaving the fenced area. It’s a good size jungle gym, there’s a tire swing, a designated area for just the swings, log area to simulate camping and spacious for picnics all around.

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Playground For All Children

111-16 Corona Ave, New York, NY 11368
Visual of the park check out the vlog here.
Saving the best for last is the Playground for all children! This playground is by far the best because it’s the biggest one from the 3. Lots to climb, slide down and run through, but they too have a neat section designated to sprinklers. Now something the other two parks don’t have is a monkey bar section and an area with play-houses; replica fire house, school house, school bus, and houses. There’s a section to play basketball and another concrete section to do whatever you please. Now take the back exit and enter the wonderful world of Flushing Meadows Park. Huge grass fields, skate park, Queens zoo, amusement park and more. Go biking, ride your scooter, throw a picnic or anything else you can imagine.

flushing meadows playground

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