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teenage mutant ninja turtles

I had the privilege to see this film, unfortunately not when it came out, but in the comfort of my own home. Here is my take on the film–

If you were drawn into this movie because you were a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan growing up you shouldn’t be disappointed. Although the actual story and how it’s defined aren’t exactly how the ‘tale’ was created. Michael Bay took the story and further animated the characters into an entirely different turtle. Without recreating the entire story, Michael Bay was able to keep both versions parallel; meaning they generally were the same story, but depicted in different intensities.

For instance: In the original the turtles and Splinter all got their “powers” from a toxic ooze spill outside of the sewers. In the new version, the turtles were injected with the toxic ooze serum. Although told differently, they both generally sell the same story. I enjoyed the little pieces that MB kept in his story from the original. To some people they may be minor details, but to others they are highlighting features. Like April O’neals jacket. She remains to have that iconic yellow jacket! The turtle personalities are the same; Michaelangello the outgoing goofy character; Donatello the smarter, more analytical turtle; Leonardo the leader; And Rafael, the defiant, more resisting turtle [with untold insecurities]. I love the fact Michaelangello still loves pizza and rides his skateboard! What I didn’t particularly care for as an original fan was the new introduction of April camera man [?]. Who is he? Is he in any comics or anything? WHERE WAS CASEY JONES!?! He was the character all the boys would be when they were with their friend reenacting the movie. What’s with these new foot soldiers? This was originally a martial arts based movie. Foot soldiers don’t know karate anymore, only how to shoot a gun? I felt Shreddar was to ‘immortal’ in his armor. It was almost to mythical in a fictional story. I’d like to see how this story transgresses.

The TMNT had a lot of cool enemies, I’d love to see a few…most importantly Beebop and Rocksteady!! Will we see Crane & Brane? AND WHERE IS CASEY JONES!?!?

Can you tell my boyfriend and Ziana were into the film? It’s safe to say the whole family enjoyed the film and it’s a film you’ll enjoy– being someone who watched it growing up or not.

ninja turtles

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