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Target Back-to-School Clothing Haul

Ready for the Target Back-to-School Clothing Haul? Keep reading to get the looks–

back to  school clothes shopping

In just one week school is back in session– no longer are the days of sleeping in and watching movies during the day. Although, I’m not excited about those particular parts, I was super thrilled when Target wanted to collaborate with Ziana on a back-to-school clothing haul with some school supply essentials. Of course, since we both do some Youtube I decided why not do a try-on-fashion-runway-extravaganza kind of video? All items are linked below and as Ziana would say– “Buy them and we can be TWINSIES!”

If you’ve noticed within the past year Target has been transitioning out some of their brands and introducing newer brands like Art Class which has become one of my favorites due to their on-trend styles. Ziana is for sure a girly-girl and if it was up to her she would be in a dress all day everyday so imagine her excitement when part of her surprise included a couple dresses which were boho-paisley type dresses. They’re the perfect transitional dresses to go from the summer into fall. You’ll also go ga-ga when you see the two other dresses I bought that won’t be featured in her video, but will be up on her Instagram so make sure you follow her!

This season it looks like Target wanted to play up on the whole Wonder Woman phenomenon to empower our little girls with their own remix of a superhero cape which can easily transform to a pink or blue cape. Metallics also made an appearance in their Cat & Jack collection with the shiny gold bomber jacket, gold backpack eyes, cute metallic headbands and dazzling purple and blue tutu’s– that by the way Ziana wanted to go to bed with! Don’t get me wrong the whole collection isn’t metallics you’ll see some simple, yet stylish leggings, tees and other tutus that will please both you and your little girl.

Make sure to check out Ziana Eliz’s video and leave some comments 🙂

1- Yoobi Composition Notebooks
2- Yoobi™ Ice Cream Pen Assortment
3- Yoobi pencil case in glitter

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