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Dream On Me Baby Crib

You’re expecting! What a joyous occasion, you’re soon going to have a mini-me, they’re going to be so cute, they’re lives will already be laid out for them, and you get to buy all the cute things for them to grow into. Once of my favorite parts were buying all the essentials for the baby like the crib, one that they’ll grow into and will be in there lives for…

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Journey Girls

Last week both Ziana and I were invited to a fun event by Toy R Us to join them in celebrating the 5th anniversary of its exclusive award-winning Journey Girls brand with an updated collection of on-trend fashions tailored to an all-new Italian adventure. The setting for the event was gorgeous; lights on the ceiling, foods catered around the Italian culture. One of the funnest events attended by far this…

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Shakira and Fisher-Price (Learning Spanish)

I’m a stickler for early education– education period. A few months back I gave some tips on how I’m helping educate my child’s mind with everyday life. The post was called Education Tips For Parents and I hope you’ll also give that a look. You may also know that I find it extremely important to incorporate Spanish into her everyday language. I think whatever other language yourself or anyone in…

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Life of a Non-Parent

This weekend I hung out with a childhood friend, Daniela, who is married with no kids. It was great catching up and talking about the old days. I left Ziana with daddy since she had been a huge pain the past three days. While Daniela spoke I realized how different our lives were and started to wonder if it wasn’t for Ziana how different my life would be. Would I…

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Ziana’s Playmat

This weekend was filled with running errands which was so boring! First stop was the car dealership to get the car checked out since it always acts funny when we are heading to Pennsylvania. While the car was at the dealership we went to go Bed Bath and Beyond to get a big cooking pot and see if I could pick up some decorations for Ziana’s Thanksgiving shoot, I was…

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