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$11 Fall Farm Pumpkin Picking Fun

This weekend was quite eventful from a spur of the moment trip to Chuck E Cheese then to a farm to fully enjoy the fall season. We came to the realization Thursday that we hadn’t visited a farm this year to do our traditional pumpkin picking activities. 2013 Pumpkin Picking 2014 Pumpkin Picking 2016 Pumpkin Picking Baby daddy was given the pleasure in picking out a place to do our…

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Pumpkin Patch!

Since the day I got with my boyfriend it’s become a family tradition where we go to the pumpkin patch and pick up pumpkins to decorate. I never grew up with it so this was something new for me, and I ended up enjoying the adventure! Now, with my daughter Ziana it’s having this tradition become something she grows up with. This year we ended up going to Schmitt Family…

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Pumpkin Picking 2013

FINALLY! After two weeks, the photos and video of my pumpkin picking adventure are here and they’re ready for you to view. There was a huge delay since I had to look for a song to match the video and then it took forever for the original singer to get back to me so I had to use another song and my boyfriend had to edit it since my video…

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