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New York City Dads Can Now Change Dirty Diapers

New York City Dads Can Now Change Dirty Diapers As a parent we become pretty great at MacGyvering our way through any situation where we need to make things happen for our children. I remember numerous times where I would walk to a bathroom with the kids and walk into a bunch of stalls with no changing tables. Here come those handy MacGyver skills to use– angrily ripping thousands of…

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Central Park In June

Summer is three weeks away and this weekend in New York has given us a peek. We absolutely love going into the jungle of New York City, particularly Central Park. Miles and miles of food, parks, open fields of grass, and live entertainment from other fellow New Yorkers– how could you not just want to spend your lazy Sunday’s there? Of course I took some photos of our day passing…

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Memorial Day Photos

Thankfully after a bipolar weather week in New York we were hit with amazing weather to finish off the Memorial Day Weekend! We decided to go to Governor’s Island on Saturday (which we never been to) and it rained on our parade– eventually. If you’re a tourist coming to New York or even live in New York definitely come to this island to take in the colonial era of our…

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Forever Tango (Giveaway)

Two years ago my boyfriend and I walked through Central Park and we ran into a group of people waiting around. We stopped and asked what was going on and were told that there were free tango classes. Free tango classes!? Who doesn’t like free!? We waited for the class to begin and joined in on the lesson. We fell in love and went for next three Sundays in a…

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Memorial Day in Central Park

Memorial Day Weekend was a drag! It was windy and rainy. It caught us all by surprise when Monday came around and it was actually hot and sunny. I was super excited and decided to go to Central Park with the family. We took the subway in and just walked all around. Definitely liked the idea of not driving in, looking for parking and having to walk all the way…

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Beware of New Yorkers (Personal Guide)

I think every tourist should know some facts about us New Yorker’s before visiting. I do this to prepare you of what you may see and WILL see. Think of it as your personal guide of the people. 1. You will see rats as big as 4 feet long scouting the streets. Don’t be scared! They’ve become family to our society. You’ll also see them on the rails while waiting…

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