Beware of New Yorkers (Personal Guide)

I think every tourist should know some facts about us New Yorker’s before visiting. I do this to prepare you of what you may see and WILL see. Think of it as your personal guide of the people.

1. You will see rats as big as 4 feet long scouting the streets. Don’t be scared! They’ve become family to our society. You’ll also see them on the rails while waiting for the train. Play a game and see how fast they can run before the train squashes them.


2. Garbage is everywhere! It’s sort of become our street “art.”

3. We walk fast as if we are in desperate need to get somewhere, but we really aren’t.

4. We also talk fast so keep up.

5, Many of us have the New Yawk accent which means we say tawk, cawfee, dawg etc. You’ll point out our accents and we won’t know what you’re talking about.

6. To say excuse me is just not part of our everyday ritual, unless we’re in a really good mood. Otherwise, we’ll just push our way through.

7. We don’t say sorry, we just blame everything on you. Even if we weren’t looking at where we were going and bumped into you it’s YOUR fault. Okay?

8. If you dare to drive in the city while here BEWARE! We take driving very serious here and ignore the driving laws. May your God help you if you obey the speed limit.

9. If you came here for peace and quiet turn back now. The noise can be unbearable to some, but to us it’s a sweet symphony.

10. Can’t afford Broadway tickets? Don’t worry when waiting for the train or on the train you’ll get a front seat to entertainment.

11. New York cabbies drive crazy! When you spot them coming your way RUN!

12. We are New York where panhandling is a profession. Everyone’s an entrepreneur. As the pictures below show…


20121115-232859.jpg Yeah they’re selling coffins in the streets!

I was born and raised in New York, despite all the aforementioned we really aren’t all that bad. Most, some, okay a few are the complete opposite, but you’ll be lucky if you bump into one, haha.

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