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My Best Friends

My daughter is only three and she’s my best friend! Shocking? Cute? Dumb? Many will have an opinion on this because why wouldn’t they? What’s life without difference in opinions? It might be a bit strange that I consider my three-year-old my best friend, but after careful consideration– she’s my only bestie! I gave birth to my best friend and I couldn’t be happier. As a young kid I always…

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Poop & More Poop

Came back from running errands and Baby Z decided to leave me a present for when we got home poop! I don’t know what’s going on! I feed her rice cereal on occasion and started on carrots the other day, but mostly milk. So exactly what is she pooping out?? Last week, I decided to take a trip to my boyfriend’s job and waited in the car a bit until…

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Play Time with the Nikon 3100

I absolutely love taking pictures and the magic that goes behind taking a picture. The photographers I have worked with are amazing (check my credits tab)! It takes time to learn how to use a camera and perfect your pictures through light room, Photoshop or simply how to work with natural light. Since a young age I loved taking pictures and was always the annoying one in the family to…

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