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Mini-Me or Mini-Him?

Since the day I saw my daughter I was saying they gave me an Asian baby because she had a line as eyes- she looked nothing like me! Now I say she looks as white as her father and not me. Now you can say she has my eyes- the amazing chinky type eyes, but that’s all. Those who have known me since I was young and don’t know what…

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Babies Have Super-Powers!

I am absolutely in love with my daughter! As my best friend said, “I would eat my son’s crap!” Yeah, she said it I’m not even lying! Well I decided to give you a few points on why you too may want to have a child… They have super-powers right from the get: -They can fart and burp at the same time. -They smile at you and cry at the…

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Mayor Bloomberg Picking on Newborns?

I was up and about at 8AM this morning with Baby Z, by the way if you’re wondering why I don’t mention her name it’s because I want to keep that private-for now. Anyways, yes the day started with a cry, a dirty diaper and about an hour of breast-feeding! Breast-feeding is a job in itself! When I was at the hospital I first tried it, it became painful that…

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