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Premama Prenatal Vitamins (Giveaway)

As soon as my doctor verified my pregnancy the first thing– well second thing I did after jumping for joy was go to the store and buy prenatal vitamins. They’re essential because we all know we should have a certain amount of vitamin intake and to be honest I’m way low in that spectrum of things, I’m sure must of us are. Prenatal vitamins help cover any nutritional gaps in…

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Moms Can Still Be Sexy!

Why do many women feel that once there a mother they need to completely change? For instance their looks and wardrobe. Of course, I’m not condoning a mother to wear booty shorts or a plunging neck line t-shirt with no bra on while walking with their child, but the sexiness of them gets completely swept under the rug. There just isn’t effort put forth towards your outward appearance. And you…

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