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Moms Can Still Be Sexy!

Why do many women feel that once there a mother they need to completely change?

For instance their looks and wardrobe.

Of course, I’m not condoning a mother to wear booty shorts or a plunging neck line t-shirt with no bra on while walking with their child, but the sexiness of them gets completely swept under the rug.

There just isn’t effort put forth towards your outward appearance. And you don’t want to show your kid/s that not taking care of yourself is okay or walking out the door disheveled is even okay.


After my tomboy stage back in middle school I flourished into a ‘real’ girl who loved to dress up. My mom was someone who always tried to embed in me that looking nice and your best was important. I would see my mom wear heels everywhere and even remember the sound of those heels walking through the hallways of my school when I got in trouble (haha).

On one occasion I recall my mom getting dressed up and putting on her makeup and innocently asked, “where are you going?” She replied, “nowhere.” Okay? So I wondered why she was getting all dolled up to stay home. My mom looked at me and said “you can’t always look like a mess for your husband!”

Now I don’t want you to think that being shallow is what I’m trying to get at, but looking a mess regularly? That’s just not appropriate for yourself or man.

A couple of weeks ago I went to Babies R’ Us and was a bit taken back by the women coming in and out of the store. If you just had a baby then you’re excluded from having to look cute, sexy or up to par for the next 5 months. But the other women who just walked in with baggy shirts, hair in knots, flats, no confidence or attractiveness to them was sad.

How can you forget about you?

When I go out I love to dress up and wear heels– on occasion, to just go to the market or mall. That’s me. I love being a woman. And than there are times where I just want to wear a hoody and flats but that’s on an off day.

Why do I want my man to not be proud of who he’s got his arm around? Sure, he’s going to say he doesn’t care and loves you no matter what, which is the right and only answer, but don’t get mad when his eyes go wandering elsewhere.

Many women also claim that they just don’t have time. Although, I’m not on a strict schedule like many working moms I work out a schedule that will allow me to get dressed, do my hair and makeup. Simple solution– is that I wake up earlier. An extra 20-30 minutes off your sleep schedule won’t ruin you. Take out what you’re going to wear the night before, shower the night before and all you’ll have to worry about is getting dressed and painting your face on before the baby starts crying their heads off.

Easy enough?

And no you don’t have to wear heels all the time because I still don’t everyday after my kid, but once in while would be hot. Heels automatically give off that you’re a confident sexy woman– if you can walk in heels.

Ladies, just because you have a kid or two or three doesn’t mean you need to forget about yourself. If my sister-in-law of three kids under the age of 6 can do it, pretty sure all you can too.

Don’t you agree? Do you have any time-saving tips?


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  • Reply
    Addie Lion (@baddielayney)
    Sep 19, 2013 at 12:36 pm

    I can’t walk in heels. Lmfao!

    • Reply
      Sep 19, 2013 at 11:15 pm

      There’s still time to learn!!! Haha

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