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Premama Prenatal Vitamins (Giveaway)

prenatal vitamins

As soon as my doctor verified my pregnancy the first thing– well second thing I did after jumping for joy was go to the store and buy prenatal vitamins. They’re essential because we all know we should have a certain amount of vitamin intake and to be honest I’m way low in that spectrum of things, I’m sure must of us are. Prenatal vitamins help cover any nutritional gaps in our diet.

I’m use to taking the large horse pill looking prenatal vitamins, but most women are not and unfortunately can’t take them. Thankfully, for women who can’t bare that awful swallow can look at an alternative, Premama Prenatal Vitamins. Unlike horse pills, Premama blends seamlessly with water, beverages and soft foods for a great- tasting solution. Whats also great is that it contains the highest amount of Folic Acid, Omega-3’s, Ferrochel Iron and essnetial nutrients to help support fetal development and a healthy pregnancy. It’s glute-free, non-GMO and vegetarian.

Now Premama has four different powdered supplements;
– Premama Fertility; which helps improve ovulatory function and egg quality. Provides natural reproductive support.
– Premama Essentials; complete prenatal multivitamin unflavored, helps minimize iron-induced constipation.
– Premama Essnetials +DHS; complete prenatal multivitamin with DHA. Includes choline to further help reduce the risk of neural tube defects and has a natural citrus flavor
– Premama Lactation; provides natural lactation support including folic acid, vitamin D3 and calcium for added breast milk nutrition.

I took Premama and actually was surprised at the flavor. It didn’t have the taste of medication and actually did taste like a nice tall glass of orange juice. Of course, not exactly like OJ, but it was definitely bearable. Premama is available online at and in retail locations across the US; CVS, Amazon, Target, buybuyBaby.

OR just enter in my giveaway to win one box (28 packets) of one of the four Premama vitamins. Open to US only. GOOD LUCK!

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premama prenatal vitamins

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  • Reply
    Sep 9, 2015 at 12:50 am

    I honestly would try ANYTHING at this moment to help raising my chance to getting pregnant! My husband and I have been trying for the last 4 years that we’re on the point of giving up I don’t want to but I’m close. Reading this blog gave me little hope that maybe we can conceive with the help of premama. I just honestly wish I could at least win this giveway.

    Thanks amiga for another awesome blog.

    • Reply
      Sep 11, 2015 at 7:57 pm

      Good luck amiga! Don’t give up it could happen at any moment!

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