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Pregnancy Fashion

What the f#&%ion!? Talk about making pregnancy look amazing and have you think about getting knocked up– maybe not entirely, but it gets you thinking! Halle Berry’s second pregnancy hasn’t slacked on her fashionista ways one bit. At first the sheer top on the end was a bit too, but after a minute or two I said “F*#k it! Why can’t a pregnant woman embrace her sexiness?” I absolutely love…

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When Speaking To A Mommy… Beware!

When you have a child it’s easy to go on rants about how great they are, the new sounds they make, all their new moves, smells and whatever other amazing things they’ve accomplished– it’s what mommy’s do. I don’t ever get bored talking about Ziana and I don’t get tired of hearing how my friends children are progressing. However, for a non-mommy or non-parent this can be quite annoying. I…

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