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What the f#&%ion!?


Talk about making pregnancy look amazing and have you think about getting knocked up– maybe not entirely, but it gets you thinking! Halle Berry’s second pregnancy hasn’t slacked on her fashionista ways one bit. At first the sheer top on the end was a bit too, but after a minute or two I said “F*#k it! Why can’t a pregnant woman embrace her sexiness?” I absolutely love all her looks and my next time around I’ll definitely be doing the same. Elegance, sexy and chic describes her pregnancy looks. This is the woman to follow.
Due: Fall October 2013


Jessica Simpson never does any wrong with her styling choices, I mean a woman who owns her own clothing line how could she? Although her styles seems to be simple it works! And working it is what Jess is doing 😉
You can shop her new collection too here.
Due: July 2013


My favorite Braxton finally got pregnant. I was so excited for Tamar and Vince expecting it felt like it was my best friend getting pregnant, haha. Pregnancy has not changed Tamar’s style either, she’s making sure pregnancy works with what she wants to wear! Pregnancy suits you well girl 🙂
Due: I’m guessing June/July 2013 since she hasn’t revealed her due date.

And then sometimes pregnancy doesn’t suit one…


Kim Kardashian hasn’t been the best to look up to when it comes to fashion-forward-pregnancy looks as the above shows, but she does seem to have overcome those obstacles…


I think everyone can agree that the first outfit looks like a bed sheet that was put together. I really don’t know why she wore this, but moving along…the red-lace dress and grey dress are the best outfits she’s worn since announcing her pregnancy. Very un-Kardashian like to not show skin, but it works!
Due: July 2013

Fergie hasn’t worn anything “wow” worthy in my opinion. Her look is very hobo-ish/hippie at times, but that’s her. It took me awhile to find some outfits that she’s worn that I like and the only one I found was the last one where she wore that beautiful long black dress. Maybe she’ll follow in Jessica Simpson’s footsteps.
Due: July 2013

Another July baby!? What did they all call each other up?

Anyways who’s excited to get pregnant now and follow in some fashionista styles!!!?

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