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Read my Love Letter to my Daughter

*This post is sponsored is sponsored by Scholastic** Love letter to my daughter, Ziana Eliz, my 6-year-old pain in my ‘head’. When I first got pregnant, I had no idea the amount of work it would be. Besides keeping your kid alive, there was so much more beyond that – you want to raise a good human being. If you know Ziana from watching our Youtube channel you know she…

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Have you guys heard of the “Ban Bossy” campaign? OH MY GOSH! I was so infuriated, yes infuriated that this woman Sheryl Sandberg and celebrities like Beyonce, Jennifer Garner and Jane Lynch were supporting such a ridiculous campaign. This whole wacky campaign is about banning the hurtful and unfair use of the word “bossy” when describing a girl or woman. Seriously? I’m a female and don’t agree with this stupidity.…

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