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Read my Love Letter to my Daughter

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Love letter to my daughter, Ziana Eliz, my 6-year-old pain in my ‘head’.

To the One Who Made Me a Mom, Growing up, I didn't grow up with confidence and the type of love I needed...

When I first got pregnant, I had no idea the amount of work it would be. Besides keeping your kid alive, there was so much more beyond that – you want to raise a good human being.

If you know Ziana from watching our Youtube channel you know she is what you call “a ham.” Super energetic, full of life and way too much of a free spirit for my liking, but it’s who she is. I’ve always encouraged her to love being different and unique- it’s who she is. I tell her to not follow society’s idea of “normal” because it doesn’t exist.

My Wish For You Book

Both my kids are little book worms so being able to work with Scholastic was the perfect collaboration. I love Kathryn Hahn as an actress, but now I can add her to my favorite children’s author list. Kathryn recently released her book, “My Wish for You” and the message is everything I’ve told Ziana since her first babble. “Be who you are, no matter what the world tells you. Be curious, strong, and vulnerable. Live life on your own terms. Always look for that sparkle!” Brigette Barrager’s illustrations accompany Kathryn’s inspiring words.

Difference between how I grew up and how I’m raising Ziana

Growing up, those kinds of messages weren’t taught to me. I wasn’t raised to love myself unconditionally. My free- spirit was always on a leash and something I wasn’t allowed to have. I refuse to let Ziana feel the same insecurities, or, if she has those insecurities, she will be able to push through them. Ziana- and every other child –should feel empowered by who they are because there is no one else like them out there.

I’ve instilled this so deep in Ziana’s core that she lives it. My little superstar is in show-business (acting), and when she goes to these auditions, she does it with such joy. After every audition, we hope she gets it, but if she doesn’t, it’s okay. From there, she reiterates, “It’s not my time, and not everyone is going to like you.” Even when she falls off her skateboard or has failed over and over at the monkey bars, she gets up and tries again. Now, that’s not without stomping her feet and grunts, but she doesn’t give up.

“My Wish for You” is a great message for our children and it’s never too early to read books to them and teach these lessons.

Armoring children with positive self-talk and growth mindset strategies is important in improving mood, self-esteem, and friendships. The "My Wish For You" book is perfect!

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