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Girl Code? Kendall Jenner + Selena Gomez

Girl Code? Kendal Jenner + Selena Gomez What peeked my interest in such a topic we’re the rumors going around about Selena Gomez and how she dumped the Jenner sisters due to bad influences from them. Okay. Good for her if that’s what she needed. However, the gossip world have speculated about what the real reasons may have been regarding the sudden ending of a “friendship.” Some sources have reported…

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Why Just The Upper Body?

When a woman looks at a man we look at their outside appearance first because that’s what we see first. Many women don’t have a preference and others do– skinny body, teddy-bear shape, brolic type and so on. I always had a thing for skinny guys and if they had some muscles then sure why not, but a Hulk kind of looking man always grossed me out. But there’s one…

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