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Cesarean and VBACS

Many of you follow our daily lives on Youtube and have heard me talk about my issues with my second pregnancy. As you may or may not now my first was a cesarean and I must admit I was uneducated in the whole pregnancy, from what to expect, possible complications, and how I wanted to deliver. I just figured I would push out a watermelon from my pea-size delicates and…

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Premama Prenatal Vitamins (Giveaway)

As soon as my doctor verified my pregnancy the first thing– well second thing I did after jumping for joy was go to the store and buy prenatal vitamins. They’re essential because we all know we should have a certain amount of vitamin intake and to be honest I’m way low in that spectrum of things, I’m sure must of us are. Prenatal vitamins help cover any nutritional gaps in…

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Trying To Get Pregnant: My Sex Life

My sex life! Well– not exactly telling you what I do in the sheets, but some things I’m reading up on to get knocked up for the second time. This may be a shocker, or actually may not be a shocker at all for many of you, but did you know that you could only get pregnant when your ovulating? Sure, go ahead and laugh, I’ll wait– I honestly thought…

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