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Formula Feeding with Gerber BabyNes

*I was given the BabyNes machine to review. All opinions are my own and honest.* It’s time to bring your new bundle of joy home– cuddle and love it all day, then you remember he has to eat! It isn’t just about plopping your boob out on demand – imagine waking up every two hours with newborns just to feed them. I remember when I had my first, Ziana, I…

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Post-Pregnancy Shoot

So, since Baby Z or as you may now know her as Ziana Eliz was born, I haven’t done a photo-shoot. Well, I am proud to announce that is no longer the case! I am still not where I need to be pre-pregnancy, but I’m about 90% there! I did a photo-shoot about two weeks ago when I was in the Poconos in Pennsylvania. The shoot took place on an…

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Baby Z Needs Your Help!

Baby Z needs your help! I entered her in the Gerber generation competition. If she win’s her milestone, she gets money for her college tuition! If she ends up winning the competition she will get a national ad on top of a college tuition! Can’t go wrong there! Once you click on this link Mobile vote Baby Z will no longer be Baby Z, her name will be revealed! Also…

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Babies Have Super-Powers!

I am absolutely in love with my daughter! As my best friend said, “I would eat my son’s crap!” Yeah, she said it I’m not even lying! Well I decided to give you a few points on why you too may want to have a child… They have super-powers right from the get: -They can fart and burp at the same time. -They smile at you and cry at the…

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