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Sesame Street Birthday!

You guys know I love sharing my life with you all so Ziana’s 2nd birthday party was no surprise! My baby is no longer a baby anymore! The terrible two’s are officially here and Miss. Independent is jut getting sassier. We threw a Abby Cadabby/Sesame Street themed party and it was a success. Although we didn’t spend so much money on decorations like last year (<a href=”” title=”Safari Birthday Party”></a>…

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Ziana’s Safari Birthday Party!

As you know this past weekend was Baby Z’s birthday and party! I finally found the energy to edit all 316 photos and can post them up now. The past few weeks I kept getting stressed out due to the weather– it said would rain, then it wouldn’t, it would be scattered or 20% chance of rain. The forecast was all over the place! Stressed out, that’s all I could…

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Planning A First Birthday

So my little Buddha-belly finally turned 9-months last week! Yay! It’s exciting to see how much she’s grown, but then I remember I’m three months away from celebrating her first birthday (sigh). If I thought my life was stressful already it was only going to be worse. Ziana’s first year of life needs to be celebrated in a big way– any child’s first needs to be. After that it’s going…

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