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I Hate You Diets

Diets. Diets. Diets. What can I say about them other then I HATE them with all my heart and soul. I was never one to go on diets while in high-school or college, I just always watched what I ate. I was so good at saying no to fast-food; I hadn’t eaten fast food for over a year and a half, use to say no to white rice and drank…

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March Muscle Makeover (Fitness)

For those of you who watch my daily vlog channel on know that boy toy (boyfriend) and myself have spoken about this “March Muscle Makeover.” Basically, what we’re going to do is compete against one another to see who gets the best progression of muscle definition. We want to get back into our fitness and live a bit more healthier. We are changing our diets just a tad by…

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Natural Supplements

I absolutely hate diets and eating right is a job within itself. My diet has gotten better not much fried foods, no beef, no more McDonalds and such. Then there’s working out (sigh) what a drag! Why couldn’t I be one of those lucky people who have a fast metabolism!? I do workout, but after 20 minutes I’m doner than done. So I needed that extra boost to help my…

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