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Involving Others In Your Relationship

I remember when I was younger and dating anything that happened between us from what he looked like, what he said, who he was, if he was a good kisser and more, I’d run and tell my two best friends. Every detail of our dating or relationship was broadcasted. It was always fun to have girl chat and share one anothers relationship and give insight on the others problems. It…

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Dating Coworkers

I think this a topic people always discuss– dating coworkers. Is it right or wrong? No one cares, I surely never did! Every job I had from 16 to 24 I always was seeing a coworker or manager. I don’t agree at all when people say that it’s a bad idea to date a coworker, of course with the good comes the bad, but it’s a chance you have to…

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With the new phenomenon of Catfish I decided I should weigh in as well. Catfish is a documentary-reality show on MTV following the lives of people in online relationships. The creator Nev Schulman and Max Joseph decided to make a series out of it since their movie, also called Catfish, had been a huge success. If you haven’t watched it yet, you must! The reason for its success is because…

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