Involving Others In Your Relationship

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I remember when I was younger and dating anything that happened between us from what he looked like, what he said, who he was, if he was a good kisser and more, I’d run and tell my two best friends. Every detail of our dating or relationship was broadcasted. It was always fun to have girl chat and share one anothers relationship and give insight on the others problems. It wasn’t until we all matured that we finally realized there should be boundaries in our relationships. Maybe sharing every fight or satisfying sexual encounter didn’t need to be told. This is especially true once your in a serious relationship.

Sharing every detail of your life could have unwelcoming negative talks or people entering your home. Whether the details you share are good or bad someone could easily say I want what he/she has, he/she is a great catch and try to move in on your spouse. Having a good man or woman is great for YOU, but perhaps sharing all that information can open an unwanted door you never wanted open. Now if all you have to say in a relationships are bad and awful things he says or does, well you’re putting yourself in a situation that will be hard to get out of. If you tell someone all the bad things in your relationship you can’t help for your friends/family to start hating him and although YOU can get over it, they may not be bale to. This is where you pick and chose what you share to others.

Once I got with my “baby daddy” all the issues I had with him were never told to anyone once we moved in and had a kid. It was okay for me not to share all the details of our relationship to an extent, but at the same time keeping those feelings bottled in didn’t do me– or us any good. I’ve come to realize that certain things are meant to be kept between just us and some things can be discussed to gain an outsiders point of view. Finding someone who isn’t critical and will bring you down regardless of what you say is someone who you can trust. I love to talking to my sister-in-law because I value her opinion more than anybody. And although I have great friends, but sometimes their situation isn’t relatable to mine; don’t know us, not in a relationship, no kids.

We all get that urge to want to tell people all the deep dark secrets of our partners, but in doing so is it really the best decision? Is the relationship really over where you won’t have to explain yourself and apologize over an over? Will this affect your relationship with others? Is this going to hurt the kids? Sometimes we are to quick to open our mouths to what’s going on in our relationship and although it’s easy to spill tea, it’s hard to retract.

But what about you Betsy? You do Youtube
isn’t that being the ultimate hypocrite? Yes and no. I’m aware of all the welcoming and unwelcoming people and comments to our videos, but that comes with the price of wanting to share our lives. We don’t ever disclose the serious fights our serious flaws of our relationship because there’s no need to tell everyone. We don’t want to welcome that kind of negative talk. Like I said it’s all about picking and choosing what you share with someone or the world.

Have you ever been in this kind of nasty situation?

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