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Being in a Relationship 24/7

The other day I was watching my favorite daytime show on planet earth, The Real and they bought up a very interesting subject regarding being with your partner day in and day out 24/7 versus not seeing them every minute of the day. They bought up the topic of going on a honeymoon alone with your partner or with a group of friends and it got heated! Many of the…

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Wedding Bliss (Photos and OOTD)

I love weddings! They’re so much fun to attend; the eating, drinking, mingling and dancing. I always cry at weddings it’s slightly embarrassing so this past Thursday when I attended a childhood friend’s wedding I literally said to myself, ” I hate Jenny!” It kind of worked haha. Jenny’s wedding was beautiful and classy. After having a kid 6 months earlier she lost all her baby weight! I ended up…

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