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Walt Disney World Wednesday (Magic Kingdom AGAIN)

Day 04 & 06 At Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Walt Disney…I think despite everything Walt had imagined, hoped and ambitiously conceptualized, I don’t think he would have imagined how iconic one (1) single theme park could have become. The opening of every Disney movie- [the castle at] Magic Kingdom. Through every tour, we were told that Epcot was Walt’s baby. Magic Kingdom comes with a higher factor for branding.…

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Blog/ Lifestyle/ Parent-hood

Walt Disney Wednesdays (Countdown Begins)

Now that all the flight, hotel and reservations are done the fun part begins! How to prepare the whole family for the Walt Disney World trip! We were already counting down the days so I figured why not make a countdown calendar? We got a large calendar some stores gave away turned it over and drew on the blank sheets. When I say “we” I mean the artist of the…

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