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Walt Disney World Wednesday (Magic Kingdom AGAIN)

Day 04 & 06 At Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Walt Disney…I think despite everything Walt had imagined, hoped and ambitiously conceptualized, I don’t think he would have imagined how iconic one (1) single theme park could have become. The opening of every Disney movie- [the castle at] Magic Kingdom. Through every tour, we were told that Epcot was Walt’s baby. Magic Kingdom comes with a higher factor for branding.…

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Blog/ Lifestyle/ Parent-hood

Walt Disney Wednesdays (Disney Live)

It’s officially 9 more days until our first Disney family vacation and what better way to prepare then attend Disney Live: Three Classic Fairy Tales show! The three greatest Disney princesses were going to be there to tell their love stories for all to see; Snow White, Cinderella and my IDOL Belle from Beauty and the Beast. What’s even greater is that our pals Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy help…

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