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Beauty and the Beast Inspired Outfit – Dango Kids

Beauty and the Beast Inspired Outfit – Dango Kids
beauty and the beast

I love getting me new outfits, I love getting Ziana Eliz new outfits, but never have I ever been envious of an outfit she had. First time for everything, huh? Alright the outfit you are about to go crazy for is from Dango Kids. Dango Kids came about as a way to provide beautiful, fashionable clothing at a fair price. We all want our little ones to have the most beautiful outfits, but sometimes those beautiful outfits cost a bit too much for something they’ll grow out of in a mere few months– maybe a year if you’re lucky.

Dango Kids has a bunch of unique pieces perfect for your daughter. What drew me to their collection and more specifically the Lydia Lace Dress was that they gave off a whimsical aura. Nothing bold and in your face, but classy in a Secret Garden kind of way where you could go and have tea with the Queen.

I decided to get the Lydia Lace Dress because of the subtle color, frill, lace and apron-style. The quality is great, thank goodness because ordering online does scare me too folks! Also, with the whole Beauty and the Beast movie coming out it reminded me of a updated outfit of Belle’s blue and white apron outfit in the beginning of the movie. See why I was jealous now? I topped it off with a gorgeous flowered hairband,The Ardor Hairband.

As a reward for you guys, my amigos, here’s a promo code: 2KVPV2 . It’s a 20% discount coupon for every product on new arrival collection. Expires by the end of February!

Can’t wait to see your little ones dolled up 🙂

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