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Way Too Much Me Time Mommy’s

Being a mother is no easy task, being a parent period is one of the hardest jobs ever especially if you’re actually involved in your child’s life. It’s one of the joyous moments in life when you help create your mini-me and watch them grow everyday into someone you love so much you can’t even help it. However, although many love their children they don’t want to take responsibility for…

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Baby Z Needs Your Help!

Baby Z needs your help! I entered her in the Gerber generation competition. If she win’s her milestone, she gets money for her college tuition! If she ends up winning the competition she will get a national ad on top of a college tuition! Can’t go wrong there! Once you click on this link Mobile vote Baby Z will no longer be Baby Z, her name will be revealed! Also…

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Watching Porn is Cheating!?

Is watching porn cheating? Ask a man that question and boy do they get riled up. Ask a woman that question and there are many different opinions on it. I decided to ask this question both on my Facebook page and on and got many responses. Throughout my pregnancy I would read on many threads of women complaining that their men were cheating on them sexually and emotionally with…

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