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Sweet and Healthy Arts and Crafts Snack

arts and crafts for kids

I’m lucky to have a four-year-old who has a very healthy appetite, unlike her mother- me! This past weekend we were invited to attend a fun event at Children’s Museum of the Arts thanks to Halos! Halos– you know the sweet, juicy, and seedless mandarin snack even folks like me love. It was a day filled with arts and crafts and tasting all the delicious snacks that were dipped with Halos from delicious appetizers to chocolate covered mandarins to drinks infused with mandarins! Yeah, who knew.

It was an arts and crafts day– not one of my strong suits, but I knew Ziana Eliz would love it since she’s a kid and kids love that stuff. Not to mention she was going to be able to play with her food. Not only are Halos perfect for those small hands, but they’re perfect for fun neat crafty crafts to get your kid occupied and if you have picky eaters this might be the stepping stone to lead them to a healthier diet. I had no idea what I was doing or how to even attempt to tackle making the chick or bunny. With great guidance Ziana Eliz was on her way to make some great bunnies and chicks.

You can watch the fun filled day on our Youtube channel and check out the easy sweat and healthy crafty snacks-

arts and crafts with halos

Halos Bunny
1- Halos mandarian
2- White paper
3- Pink paper
4- White pipe cleaner
5- White pom-pom
6- Googly eyes
7- Glue dots

1- Cut the bunny ears from white andpink paper. Fold them back at the base and secure to the top of the Halo with glue dots.
2- Cut a pipe cleaner into three pieces and twist to form the whiskers. Add a pink paper triangle for the nose.
3- Use glue dots to add the googly eyes and cute little pom-pom bunny tail.
4- Post and use #HalosFun

Halos Chick
1- Halos mandarian
2- Yellow paper
3- Yellow pipe cleaner
4- Googly eyes
5- Glue dots

1- Cut the chick’s wings from yellow paper. You can create a feathered effect by cutting little slits into the paper’s edge. Fold them back at the base and secure to the sides of the Halo with glue dots.
2- Use a yellow pipe cleaner to form the legs and feet.
3- Fold yellow paper and cut a little triangle for the beak.
4- Post and use #HalosFun

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    Mar 14, 2017 at 5:37 pm

    Those little Halos critters are just too adorable!

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      Mar 15, 2017 at 1:02 am

      Haha yes!

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