Stop and Frisk in New York


I never understood why so many people were opposed to “stop and frisk” by police. Is it an inconvenience? Yes. Especially when you’re late to an appointment or class or date. But one of the most controversial issues citizens have is when you’re stop and frisked for no reason.

I can’t speak from experience because I’ve never been stopped and frisked, but have had a friend or two who were. They were irate. These were college educated students who worked hard and were far from being a “thug” or up to no good. They were simply targeted because they were Hispanic walking at night. That’s a bit much, but with statistics showing how much the crime rate has gone down why do we need to adjust the “stop and frisk” policy to such an extent?

Yesterday morning the City Council passed two bills that will affect NYPD’s use of stop-and-frisk–


The first one which will facilitate lawsuits against the NYPD for people who believe they were wrongfully stopped and frisked due to an unfair profiling. Then a state judge would rule.

Seriously!? Everyone who wants to make some cash is going to sue and many will be coming out the woodworks with elaborated lies just to be able to sue.

The second bill will create an inspector general (IG) to oversee the department. I don’t see anything wrong with this per-say. Of course just because someone is a police officer doesn’t mean they should be automatically trusted. However, I do see two issues– the thousands of dollars we tax-payers are going to have to pay! You think a measly $40,000 is enough? Ha! More like $100,000’s. Secondly, many false allegations made by some no-good citizens where IG will investigate these false allegations thus, wasting valuable time of police officers when they can be out patrolling.

I have a love and hate relationship with the police. I always feel safe when they’re around yet have seen how they think they’re above the law. But I would feel much more comfortable with them around because let’s face it they won’t be bothering me.

I also have a hate relationship with Mayor Bloomberg, but with those feelings aside, I’m not against him wanting to get these bills vetoed.

Racial profiling is unjust, but we all do it including the police. In that I see the issue. It’s unfair that Hispanics and African-Americans get stopped and frisked more than Caucasians. Maybe if they stopped and frisked more Caucasians there wouldn’t be such an uproar about it! Problem solved.


Regardless, crime rate has gone down. If you’re dressed like a thug, sitting on the corner of a block, have you’re jeans below your butt and so on than you deserve to get stopped and frisked. Go make yourself into a model citizen instead of complaining.

And let’s not mention all the threats we get on New York! I rather be safe then bitch about someone being racially profiled during a stop and frisk. Sorry.

The bills have passed, but are not in effect yet until it reaches the Supreme Court and they decide on the matter. Bloomberg and Ray Kelly will continue to lobby the council until they can try to reduce the majority.

What are your thoughts?


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    Manny A. Martinez
    Jun 28, 2013 at 12:38 pm

    Good Stuff Here, Betsy. I Appreciate How You Include Yourself/Thoughts In Each Blog. No Doubt “Stop & Frisk” Is A Contraversial Topic; But At The End Of The Day, It’s A Reality That Needs To Be Addressed. The Mayor Knew What He Was Doing When He Approved That Policy. He Wanted To Give His Officers The Authority To Approach Citizens,(Minorities) At Will. Let’s Face It; The Majority In This City Is The Minorities.(Such A Cliche, Right?) Anyway; I Support Police Officers Who Are Genuinely Doing Their Job, Because They Have Legitmate Concern. However; The Fact Remains That The NYPD Has Officers Who Should Not Be On The Job, And Who Are Constantly Making The Good Cops Take Hits For Their Abuse Of Authority. I Hope The Policy Does Remain In Effect, Because To A Certain Degree, It Haas Helped Reduce Crime And Has Taken Drugs And Weapons Off The Streets. However; I Would Only Support It If It Is Properly Supervised By An IG That Is Also Being Held Accountable For Enforcing Strict Regulations Against Police Officers Misusing Their Authority. I Love NYC; And As A Born And Raised Bronxite, I Want My City To Be Well Protected. I Just Wish We Could Have More Good Seeds Planted Within The Department, Because Our Officers Have A Tough Job Guarding The City That Never Sleeps.

    • Reply
      Jun 28, 2013 at 1:31 pm

      Thank you! Yes I agree due to so many bad cops out there and being above the law have made the good ones look bad. Stop and frisk needs to be adjusted for the better.

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