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Spring/Summer Trends

What The F#&%ion!?

Let’s continue with Spring/Summer trends–

Clockwise from top left: Stella McCartney, Loewe, Jonathan Sanders, Christopher Kane

Bomber jackets! Basically short jackets which is tightly covered with elastic bands on your waist. Not too much of a fan of the big bulky white ones, but you get a smaller size and you’re good to go. Of course designers always put their own nicks into it to make their piece stand out so as long as it looks like the above then you have a bomber jacket aka flight jacket aka “members only” jacket.

Clockwise from left: Jil Sander, Victoria Beckham, Preen, Lacoste

Oversized white shirts are in, in, in. You can tuck it in so it doesn’t look baggy and unflattering to your figure. I bought mine before I knew what the trend was so thankfully the selection to go shopping for it now won’t be too bad.

Left to right: Prada, Etro, Christopher Kane, Emilio Pucci

Oriental blossoms inspired by Japanese silhouette is apparently in as well. Their trying to bring out what you wear in the bedroom to the fierce streets of the world we walk on– of course with discretion. However, Prada and Etro dropped the ball on this one their just dreadfully awful. Who would wear it? Maybe a gorilla? Egh who knows. Kane’s outfit I’m a bit torn about– love the salmon color but the fit not too much. Maybe it’s because the model has no meat on her? Hmm. Moving along Emilio Pucci’s coat well let’s say it how Jim Carrey would, it’s B-E-A-UTIFUL, throw that over a cute mini skirt or short dress and you’ll have everyone stopping to look at you.

Left to right: Eudon Choi, Preen, Osman, Alexander Wang

Split front skirts–Wear Eudon Choi or Preen’s outfits and you’ll get laughed at, period. Their just so blah, really no words to describe this atrocity, haha. They need to take notes on Osman’s and Alexander Wang’s sexy leg showing creation. The longer the slit the sexier, the more leg you show the sexier– don’t go overboard, just remember don’t go past your lady parts and you should be good. Just print this page out and use it as your go to guide.

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