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Spring 2019 Purse You’ll Want

Spring 2019 Purse You’ll Want
Spring 2019 fashion trends

Growing up I always loved purses. Some girls loved their mothers pearls and heels, but for me it was always her collection of purses. Even now I get super excited over a new purse. It’s an accessory that makes an outfit just as well as a good pair of shoes.

Some affordable places I like to shop for purses is Zara and of course, Aldo! Every season I have to get a new purse or two, it’s just in me, I hear voices!

Now, I’m probably shooting myself in my foot by posting this, but I just have to share about my small, very tiny splurge, that my Boytoy (boyfriend) won’t be too happy with. Or maybe he will be, because “Happy Wife, Happy Life,” right? Well no– we aren’t married and he doesn’t believe in that quote…

Moving on…

Since I’ve become a bit of a sneaker head I’ve left my heels behind and haven’t had a sporty, yet stylish bag to lug around. I was on the look-out for a small backpack that was sporty, yet classy enough to carry around and not look to out of place with my sneaker-obsessed fashion. Not only that, but I wanted a backpack that could fit my camera, if needed, and a few of my other essentials; like 10 lipsticks that always end up in every bag, ID, credit card, phone and lotion.

As I found THE bag, I made an impulse buy because I knew Spring was around the corner and I had to be ready. It’s all about preparation, right?

Take a look at the other purses I was eyeing at Aldo and what I bought! What are your thoughts on my picks?

Stylish backpack for women who wear sneakers

Best bag trends of 2019 Doesn’t Instagram boyfriend look fantastic?

Brown bucket purse

Spring 2019 purse

Spring 2019 Trends

Handbags on sale.

This is my splurge purse! Comes in a gorgeous blue too!

Brighten up your January with accessories that'll make your outfit POP!

2019 Top Trend Purses for Spring

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