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Sparaj Pampering Box (Giveaway)

Who doesn’t love getting pampered at a spa? The relaxation, massages, oils and scrubs make your body feel renewed and refreshed, it’s something that can’t be topped. However, not many of us can indulge in that so we have to look for alternatives.

I was offered the opportunity to become a consumer of Sparaj products. Sparaj is a discovery service to explore new products outside of the US market such as Asia. Their focus is to discover grassroots community designers who apply their creative skills to combine eco-friendliness and artistry in product design. Each month, Sparaj prepares a custom gift box that will include a mix of wellness products unique to Asia. And we all know Asia has some awesome beauty secrets!

I didn’t know what to expect. All I knew is that a box full of goodies was going to be waiting for me when I got home.




As soon as I opened the box up I was welcomed with such an amazing aroma. I couldn’t wait to dig in! All the products came wrapped up in a tote bag which was super cute for Ziana, haha.


Now let’s get started–

This ‘Mini Dew Drop Diffuser’ by Breathe was very cool. It was a scented tropical flower I had to put into the bottle they gave me which then fills the area with Frangipani scent. After a day or two the liquid is soaked in by the flower and the flower turns pink. The aroma doesn’t go far, but when you’re near it, it smells great.

The ‘Organic Facial Kit’ by ‘Siam Botanicals’was my favorite. This package came with three small bottles which were for cleansing, tone & refresh and moisture & nourish. Which it all actually did. My face felt smooth and all my left-over makeup would come off my face. Oh, and did I mention my face smelled great afterwards?


Next up was the ‘Jasmine Bar-Soap,’ by Serevana which unfortunately was my least favorite. The soap although smells great and leaves a great aroma in the bathroom has a sticky substance that takes awhile to wash off your body.

The ‘Cymbopogon Body Soufflé’ by Harnn is great! The body wash smells great and comes off with ease. After the shower lotion yourself up with the body lotion afterwards and you’ll stay smelling great, which depending on your senses smells great or just might not be for you. I loved it!

I hate giving bad reviews, but there’s no way to sugar coat the ‘Plai Herbal Hot Ball’ by Asia Herb Association was something my senses did not like. I heated the ball up for 30 seconds and placed it on my stiff neck which felt great, but the smell was way too strong. Definitely something I won’t be trying again.

Overall, I was a happy camper. The presentation was great and the products were great. Working with a great company such as and Lawrence definitely helped make my experience better.

Every month there’s a new box of goodies put together and this month one of my lucky readers will be able to win this prize! Simply like my Facebook page and comment below stating you did (let me know what name you used) and you’ll be entered! Good luck 🙂



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