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Rustic Coffee Table Decorating Ideas

rustic coffee table

A few weeks ago I got the coffee table I always dreamed of, wood, rustic and with two levels. I searched quite a bit until I found my one true coffee table lover and it was no other than Amazon. It’s a beautiful piece of sturdy wood and has a great rustic touch bringing the room together, which is my ideal home look.

As much as I would love to be a minimalist I just can’t do it when I shop on Amazon, Marshalls, TJ Maxx and of course, Target I see all of the pretty things that was created, made just for us! Some people shop for outfits and get their retail therapy like that, but for me home goods is my retail therapy.

Therefore, with my coffee table I needed to decorate and why not share some decorating ideas with you guys in a fun video? Some of the items are newly purchased and others were recently purchased. Some of the exact items are listed in my Amazon and for those I couldn’t find I found 2 to 3 different options if you’re interested.

Enjoy watching and shopping! Make sure to subscribe and like!

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rustic coffee table amazon

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